Thursday, January 17, 2013



Fuhhh...bersarang dah blog neh...almost two years i have ignored my beloved blog haha...suddenly i decided to make some major changes in this blog...which is now i shared with my bestie :)

Yea...this was inspired by someone, nevertheless i still think it's a good idea to share my blog with her. Few months have gone and i am supposed to struggling with my thesis now when suddenly the idea struck me. Erm..maybe i will just write a short post for now :) and my bestie have made some major changes in our lives inshaa Allah with Allah's guidance and hidayah (if Allah's will) we tried our best to pick what we have left few years before. Somebody said my changes are too drastic, well actually I have started my baby steps few years ago by scanning through religious books and listening to religious talk on the radio (specifically I just don't have that guts and confidence to do it. I just go with the flow and do whatever i 'THINK' right.

To make it short, i slowly gained my confidence when my bestie encouraged me not to think of others much and she was quite in the same shoe with me (except that she is better than me). She  always notify me whether i have done something wrong or inappropriate action and usually it goes straight to my heart. She always be my loyal partner for religious classes or talk (which Rasulullah describe as earth paradise). When we read books or reciting Quran we usually share with each other, its like our 'little usrah' together and i am so loving this session with her.  So we hold our hands through obstacles in our  life (exams, family, etc). And i tried my best to be a good friend for her as she is always there to sooth me when i am down until now.

I just wrote this post to share my little story to people who concern and need encouragement to search the right path to meet Allah (inshaa Allah). Me myself still searching and a LOT MORE to be changed. Just remember, an islamic scholar once said that when we SINCERELY decided want to change and seek for Allah's love, Allah will send you soleh/solehah peoples to accompany us. Alhamdulillah my friend are expanding and i hope it will keep expanding throughout my journey to give me strength to istiqamah. May Allah bless our friendship and journey together thus put us with those who Allah give nikmah not the path who get Allah's wrath nor the path who will get lost. Ameen.